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Scrapebox to get target backlink URL Lists?

JayJayJayJayJayJay Malaysia
edited June 2023 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
The more I do my research, the more I get My questions here are:

1. Can you use scrapebox to get urls to post all kind of content like blog, forum, comments etc using GSA SER or just comments? From what I saw from all those videos, it looks like you can only scrape urls to post COMMENTS ONLY. Can someone please clarify?  If possible, can you please also share videos or tutorials which we can learn more from?

1.1 So let's say you can get list of urls you can post articles, comments, forums etc, once imported to GSA SER, will GSA SER able to figure out what content to post to each URL by itself?

2. It looks like we can scrape proxies using ScrapeBox and use them in GSA SER (Perhaps other GSA products like GSA Content Generator, Captcha Breaker etc too?) In such case, do we still need to purchase private proxies and if yes, why is that?

3. If you dont mind, can you please also share here the most important ScrapeBox functions you use with GSA products? What actually makes this software so popular?

I have a feeling that these questions are very basic, so basic that I actually feel a bit embarassed to ask....Please guide me if you can....cant sleep with these questions tingling in my head ...  Give me my medicine, thank you so much, doctor o:) 


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