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Selling 1M Contact Form List; Successfully SENT List (Only to 5 Buyers)


i am trying to sell my premium list to only 5 buyers.

What i had used them for : normally aff product + fiverr service (generated over 1k in past 2 month, with 400 threads with 2-3 blast in a week.

Payment method: binance Preferred.
Price: $149

Sample list is avaibale for testing (2k list).

You can directly message me in this forum.

Why selling only to 5 members ?
I don't want to spam these sites to death which will obviously drop the open rate / conversion in future.

Do i guarantee any sales with the list ?
No. I am just selling the list that i am using myself only (scrapped myself for over a couple of months).

I keep scraping new websites everyday and filter them. So you will only get successfully sent list (normal text captcha + no captcha sites / Excluding Recaptcha sites)

If you have any question please drop a comment or message me.


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