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Is Seo Indexer slow? Try this solution

verdemuschioverdemuschio Italy
edited May 2023 in Other / Mixed
Hi everyone. I have read several posts where some are having difficulty with SEO Indexer. After Sven's intervention my SEO Indexer worked great. However using proxies it is clear that at some point they become unusable and you have to look for new proxies, and in fact yesterday it stopped indexing fast for me too, so I started to find a solution without changing what Sven did, I just played around with the proxies I have in the "Add/Edit ProxySites" section. Meanwhile, having many active proxies slows down if not blocks everything. So around 15 addresses are enough. For someone I'm sure it works I set it directly as "Add as private proxy type" by activating the check. However, to tell you the short I send you a photo below. As you can see my SEO Indexer currently sends around 1200 links per minute. If you have millions of links to send, give it time to assimilate them, and then you'll see that it will go fast. I also changed the number of threads it can send, I entered 2000. It works for me for now, then I can't tell you. It also depends on your network speed. AIt should be noted that in addition to proxies I also use a VPN. So I'd say it's fine. Or watch the video here

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