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Same %name% macro value in the multiple fields.


I have "I'm Stella" in about and Sandy@domain.tld in generated e-mail address while using %name% macro. How can I have a random value generated once per posting, rather than each time the macro is run?


  • AliTabAliTab
    try %random_email% or %your e-mail% if you want to insert your owns
  • You can use %spinfile2-names.dat% to get a different random name
  • AliTab said:
    try %random_email% or %your e-mail% if you want to insert your owns

    %random_email% looks interesting. In the test preview, e-mail matches login, but if I put %name% in the anchor field, it will be different from login and %random_email% macro result.

    I'm trying to achieve the same name as the anchor and some kind of e-mail prefix. Imagine a situation when the blog owner is moderating the comments, and he notices that the name does not match the email as well as gender.

    This will be a trigger for him.

    PS. It is funny. A couple of days ago, I've searched GSA list's sellers reputation on BHW, and today I've been answered my problem on a third-party forum by a guy from one of such lists.

  • SvenSven
    I had a look at the code and using %name% should create a random email as well with the name unless the registration and name-posting are different submission steps.
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