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How use only my baza sites?

Hi/ I bought a GSA SER, and I don't understand - when I add my Urls bases, and run Progect, the system works with other Urls. How can I make, use only my bases?
Im unchekin (Use urls from global on search terms) - but it no work.

2 question, - If I have some sites on another CMS system (MODX), can I specify URL to a page ( to add articles or other (GSA recognizes request/comment/order form)?

And 3 question - how best to add sites to the database?
   1) or specify (http) and with or without www
   2) need to specify immediately a folder or section ( or or GSA SER domain adds standard directory options or folders (then where to add their possible directories /postss/, /razdel/, other)
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