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GSA Indexer proxies ?

edited March 2013 in Need Help
Hi, I know that sven said no proxies, but I want to revive the discussion.

I really don't want to splash my ip all over the place, even if not posting :)  @sven it would be reaaaly nice if you allow proxies there, nothing fancy, just allowing one or more proxies to be added.


  • SvenSven
    Well I an add it I guess...but it is really not needed.
  • You are very nice, Sven.  Let's say we are doing a campaign of 100k links, and they are splashed to thousands of whois sites... there is google analytics on those sites, it does have an affect on the internet.  Better to be behind a professional proxy than say, have your home computer ip (or even your VPN's) showing.  Just to be safe....

    Thanks again. You are a champ, sven.
  • This is an interesting request @sobiman and I have no idea whether it's needed or not but won't proxies slow Indexer down @sven?
  • @seagul, I guess dependins on the proxies.  You can run 'naked' or with proxies, your choice.  For sven, easy to implement.  Some of us are more picky in our privacy settings. 
  • Would some of these whois sites be run by Google?

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  • SvenSven
    @seagul yes it would slow down things a bit if you use proxies here as data is send/received by another PC.
  • I think this idea warrants a test for someone who has Hide My Ass (Sadly, I do not any more).
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