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Deathbycaptcha only for Specific Tiers

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests
As Im sure those that use it, deathbycaptcha can become quite a money pitt.
So, would be nice if we could activate deathbycaptcha to be used only on a selected teir, i.e T1 teir.

I currently use captcha breaker / deathbycaptcha / askmebot
If I select a campaign to use 1st service I guess it will use Captcha breaker.
If I tell it to use 2nd service, it will use deathbycaptcha.
If I tell it to use all, will use all 3 service.

But I want it to use all 3 on my Teir1, but on my lower teirs I wan to use Captcha gbreaker / askmebot only and not waste money on deathbycaptcha.
If that makes sense?:)

possible solutions:
In options tab tick box for each service? 1 / 2 /3 which tells it which services to use.
Have each service displayed in options tab and u can arrange them into given order, so could have askmebot as first service, and captchabreaker as 2nd service.  (just to future proof new services being used so client can use his selected priority of service)



  • You can edit it at the options,

    For your tier1 - select Ask All services
    For tier2 or above select ask 1 service ( set the 1st service to GSA CB )

    i think you have use it... right?
  • But I want 3rd captcha option Askmebot to be used in Teir2 also. not just captcha breaker

  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    @Zeusy, I already went through this with Sven. Sven confirmed that AMB will automatically kick in no matter which choice you make on captcha.

    So I have it setup on Main Options as CB/DBC/AMB.

    Then on the project level, I have contextual tiers (T1,T2,T3) set up as "Ask 1st captcha service to fill captchas". On kitchen sink tiers (T1A,T2A,T3A) I use "Ask all services to fill captcha". In all cases, AskMeBot gets turned on.  

  • edited March 2013
    Jez, Sven your programing for-sight is a wonder to behold:)

    Ron..gotta stop saying this to you..but thanks once again ;)
  • edited March 2013
    This raises another question. I, too, am trying to reduce my DBC spending and have GSA SER and CB set up as follows:

    GSA SER - CB first, DBC second, AMB

    I select "All services" or "1st Service" according to the campaign I am running...


    In CB settings, I have "use DBC for toggled captchas" (or something like that) because I want ALL re-captchas to go to DBC.

    With it set this way, even with "1st service" selected in GSA, won't CB still send the captchas to DBC? If so, that completely negates having it set up this way and won't reduce my DBC spending....
  • Hows Amb , How much different it making in success rate ?

  • SvenSven
    @hackersmovie yes, recaptcher would be sent to DBC right away. though why don't you skip that in CB so the second captcha service in SER is used here than?
  • edited March 2013
    Sorry Im just lost now on this.

    Sven if not too much trouble, allow me to explain.

    I've T1,T2,T3 all arctiles etc.. I REALLY want these created, so I want CB/ deathbycaptcha and askmebot to try its best to recognize.

    I also have TA1, TA2, TA3, which is as ron calls it, The Kitchen Sink :)  I do NOT want deathbycaptcha used on these teirs as it costs credits.

    How may I achieve this please?
  • SvenSven

    in SER:

    1. captcha service CB (in CB no captcha service use at all)

    2. captcha service DBC

    in TA* projects you set it to use only captcha service 1 and in T* projects set it to use all captcha services in project options.

  • clear now and I just tried those settings before you confirmed THANKYOU oh great one :P
  • Got it... thanks Sven! I'm really enjoying GSA, I'm currently running a test between NHSEO and GSA with 3 sites each of similar keyword competition. I'm going to run the campaigns for 30 days and see which one gets the best results... (I have a suspicion it will be GSA but, time will tell...)
  • SvenSven
    Hmm can you really compare NHSEO with GSA SER? Last time I checked NHSEO it had only a fraction of supported engines that GSA SER has.
  • :) I never said it was going to be a fair comparison :)

    actually doing an offset test to see if NHSEO actually brings anything
    to the table. It's quite obvious GSA does. Here's how I'm running it:

    3 sites are being promoted solely by NHSEO

    sites are being promoted by NHSEO & GSA with all 6 campaigns using
    the same methodology for keywords, anchor text, and campaign build.

    always used just SENukeXcr and if these test prove as good as I think,
    I'll end up using NHSEO, GSA & SENukeXcr for all my clients sites.
    Using all 3 shouldn't leave a foot print like using only SENukeXcr has.
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