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On my project I set submissions limited to 5 per day. This is for my T1, all contextual links. Im running the software and it's on submission 100 already, way past 5. I'm pretty sure the reason is because the 100 is counting registrations to the site, not just actual submission, but I want to be sure. Can anyone confirm this? 



  • Actually I'm not too sure now as I set it to limit of 5 and it's just hit 6 verified links? and it's still going
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer

    Explained many times before. The counter for project options is referring to submissions done for url submissions, not registrations. So yes the number of submissions can be higher than the set thing in options.

    Also you will see more verified links than expected as noone can say when an url is put live and if it is live the program can announce it anyway. The program also checks for verified urls any time even though the verified limit is reached.

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