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[Bug] - problem with Pligg

edited March 2013 in Bugs

i am getting several errors like this with Pligg now:

23:03:10: [-] 1/1 extra submission failed (>no category selected<) -

Its strange, i have many masks in my category list that do match existing categories on this site (and other similar sites) and i though SER will choose random category if there is no match anyway...

Really have no idea what could be wrong here. Sven, could you look at it?



  • SvenSven
    yes, can you send me the project backup where this happens? I have to see if its your catagory selection for this site.
  • Hi Sven,

    you found that my category masks was choosing the first line in category list - "Please choose category". It should be fixed in 5.47 version - maybe it is, cannot test it are there are bigger problems now :)

    After importing account list (with working accounts, manually checked), i get this log:

    20:35:47: [+] 002/177 matches engine Pligg -
    20:35:47: [+] 002/177 new URL -
    20:35:47: [-] 002/177 no form at all -
    20:35:48: [+] 003/177 matches engine Pligg -
    20:35:48: [+] 003/177 new URL -
    20:35:48: [-] 003/177 no form at all -

    This is obviously wrong, URLs are duplicated somehow, dont think this is *.ini issue...Another problem i got with 5.47 version is that double click on a line in log that used to display particular URL doesnt work in log now.
  • SvenSven
    strange...i didn't had such issues when testing with your backup. can you turn debug mode on and see what this gives back?
  • returns nothing. Just no form at all.

    22:11:03: [-] 1/1 no form at all -

    Try it with my account data - really have no idea what could be wrong here...    login=hopechef20 / password=cdguytsc60
  • SvenSven
    Could it be some strange redirect from your proxies? I get a normal submission for the mentioned sites.
  • Wow not sure what you have exactly changed, but Pligg works as never before!

    Just as you said in version log: "pligg engine improved a lot"

  • SvenSven
    but i was not fixing your "" stuff...still wondering what this has caused.
  • I cant replicate this error anymore now, dont know as well. I have not used any proxies for posting...

    Main thing is pligg works really good now, hope such strange error will not appear again :)

  • Nice improvement Sven. Getting at least 3 times more pligg links now !
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