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Could you share with us of your verified list ?

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I`ve just bought GSA SER and i would like to collect some fresh, good list for it ? Could anyone share with me list verified links ?

Thanks ! for you help !



  • I really don't think that will happen...Ppl on this forum will go out of their way to be helpful, but I wouldn't expect any of us to give it to you on a plate :-)

    If you take the time to read some of the more popular posts on this forum, you'll find plenty of advice about how to optimise SER
  • ronron

    @anomus - You know I am one of the top contributors here, and I have been building 100k+ per day without ever using a site list once in my entire life.

    Yeah, one rainy day I will snap in a project and decide to use my site list which is gi-normous, and yeah, it will be very cool.

    But to be perfectly honest, nobody's going to share lists that took them half a year to build. And in my case, I don't even need it to rank really well in uber tough markets.

    You will see for yourself this is a great product straight out of the box. 

  • ron, care to explain how you build 100k links per day without a list?
  • RON can you share only article directries verfied links here I really need it.
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