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target urls

I have only articles marked in the project.

if I check the item "identified" then only files recognized as for articles (such as "sitelist_Article-Wordpress Article.txt" and "sitelist_Article-EasyBlog.txt" and similar) will be used from the folder to the project? Or will the program take all the files and all the links in them?


  • Did I phrase my question incorrectly? Or does no one know the answer?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry for late reply. I just found this being unanswered.
    Of course only the files of selected engines in project will be used.
  • and if you configure the GSA Platform Identifier to the same folder, then new links will be added to the files. Will this project see these new links and take them to work? Or does the project need to be restarted?

    I want to set up GSA Platform Identifier to select articles around the clock in the park, and GSA Search Engine Ranker around the clock trying to place on new links. Will everything work as I wrote?
  • SvenSven
    The project will see the new links and submit.
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