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What's a good indexer Linklicious, Lindexed, Other

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Hey guys.  I was wondering what is a good premium indexer.  I have read on these forums and have heard allot of people praise lindexed.  My question is does it make a noticeable difference.  I mean does it cause you to rank quicker do to backlinks being indexed quicker?  Any advice or input is appreciate and will be applied.  Thanks.


  • Indexification. Simply because if you PM the owner you can request a custom subscription.
  • They are not expensive. So if you are running lot of projects you can run both. I am running all 3. gsa indexer, lindexed and indexification.
  • scorpio, are you running all those services on your tier1 links ?
    im afraid to do that, wanna use those services for my tier2-3 links
  • @pietpatat, what custom request are you asking the indexification owner?
  • ronron
    Unless I'm missing something, indexification looks like it is an exact clone of Lindexed.
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    I use indexifcation...just started so haven't compared results yet.
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    Well I used to be with lindexed but I was nowhere near using my limit of 50k a day, but I still had to pay full price ofcourse. I was talking with the owner of indexification about this and he offerend me a custom subscription of 10k links a day for $5 a month, which suits my needs way better.

    His name is innozemec at BHW.
  • OK.  Sounds Good  I will look into indexification.  Any more opinions or ideas out there.  Have any of you guys who runs a smaller amount of projects tried creating a extra tier of just indexer links?
  • avielmedin
    Yes I am using it on T1.
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