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Need GSA Captcha Breaker advice

I have researched a lot about it, but still need some advice.

My Setup:
Home computer with 8GB RAM, Intel Pentium G4400 @ 3.30GHz (Enough to run GSA SER)
400mbps Broadband
10 proxies (
13 proxies ( site list captcha
catch-all email
No antivirus
HTML timeout: tested 120 and 180 seconds

GSA Captcha Breaker can only solve image captcha, but reCAPTCHA covers 99% of the captcha that we need to solve right? In this case, will XEvil be better because it can solve reCAPTCHA. If only use GSA Captcha Breaker alone, does that mean I will ignore 99% of the websites which are using reCaptcha?

If using Xevil, how many IPv6 proxy threads are enough for my setup? package starts from 50 threads.

Thank you
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