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Don't see results from building links.

laurentiu12laurentiu12 United Kingdom
Hey guys!

I've used already GSA for like a month. Totally understood how to set up the app, even bought a lot of site lists, have open ai api for articles, and everything is set up very good with the SERE Engines as well. 

The problem is that I've tried to run GSA on multiple projects, putting directly the money site in the url field, tried even to put the .edu and high-authority domains to do a tired backlink strategy in the url field and yet, I didn't see any great results on semrush. Built over 200k backlinks on the moneysite on a project, and then another 100k to tier1 backlinks, and still no results.

Can someone explain, maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe I don't understand something. 

I'll be very grateful for any help! Thank you!


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited April 2023
    Hi. OK, don't take my word for it. There are real pros on here. Despite being here a while, I'm still just learning.

    Anyway, to me, I think you should consider a ratio of like 1:100:10000, for first three layers of links. I've done what you do, and what I just suggested. Both, that is.

    What you're doing won't move a site up very much on competitive KWs. For a KW that has zero competition, it actually might do something.  Right now, I am doing what you're doing for some projects. It works best if you pay attention to tiers, as well. 100K:200K (i.e., 1:2) isn't the best ratio. What I provided above, X:Y:Z, is just a guess. There are others who can probably steer you better.

    But you need to try to get the links indexed. Lauren, I need to work on this, too. Tiers can index, but so can an indexer.

    P.S. And so many articles from Open AI...maybe that is of issue, too? I've done that with spun stuff...waayyyyy too many iterations on an article or whatever.  Probably not the best idea...
    Open AI is a very, very  good spinner! But in the end, it is just spun content, and you will run into duplication at some point, if you are not careful.
  • zentechzentech USA
    edited April 2023
    A month isn't enough time to see results for link building except on the easiest of keywords. Remember that link building is a long term project to signal to Google, and other search engines, that your site is important for the keyword/anchors that link to it. More good links = more important.

    When I was beginning SEO it felt like my work had no impact. Hours and hours went into studying how the tools worked, and lots of money into buying proxies, captcha breakers, and article writers. I wasn't seeing any new traffic to my money sites and it felt at times like I was working for nothing. This is a barrier to entry for a lot of people and they give up here.

    I recommend monitoring AHREFS backlink checker, found here: Run this every week on your money site after you start your GSA campaign and you'll see that your DR and backlink count is steadily increasing. It takes 2-3 days minimum before a link will show there. If AHREFS can see it, Google can see it.

    You should also monitor your Google search console. It will show the number of impressions and keywords that your site is ranking for. If the keywords you care about aren't showing, double down on your money site/tier 1 quality and/or choose easier keywords.

    Some search engines use fewer signals than Google and are easier to rank with bulk links. For example, I find it much easier to rank on DuckDuckGo or Yandex with GSA links directly to my money site. So you might monitor your keywords on these other search engines to see if you're beginning to rank there.

    At the moment, GSA SER still isn't the best for "Web2.0" properties. Google seems to give links at these more advanced Web2.0 properties a bit more power than old school referral and PhpBB links. So you might want to consider adding a tool for Tier1, and then use GSA SER for Tier2 in an effort to maximize the power of those Tier1 links.

    Hope that helps!

  • how many links have you done to money site ?.

    gsa links don't help with money site anymore.
  • JayJayJayJayJayJay Malaysia
    Any updates buddy? It's now July 
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