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GSA Internet bandwidth


Does anyone know why GSA is using so much of the internet? Like it's consuming 100-150 GB per day. Please someone help me with how can I reduce it. Earlier I used to run 20 projects with 350 threads. Now I have reduced it to 100 threads and 7 projects. But then also it's taking a good 80-100 GB per day. 

Please let me know how can I reduce it. 



  • SvenSven
    Hard to say what it is:
    • check global filter settings -> 1MB max size to download + maybe disable other filter lists or increase the time when to update them
    • many email accounts could cause a lot of traffic -> try using a max of 10 per project
    • project options->retry to submit -> lower value
    • check proxy scraper and not enable all sources if you use public proxies

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