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Back after many years. Someone can give me a head start please?

DoctorDoctor Europe
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Hello everyone, have been using GSA Ranker many years ago.

Can someone give me advise, if the tool can be used for high quality campaigns?

I wonder if there are certain important settings to make campaigns high quality rather than going for mass quantity.

If you have up-to-date experience, please let me know. Thank you!


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited April 3
    This is what I should do. I am using old tactics. :|

    People say try to hit lists with high DA metrics, or use GSA SER to filter these as well for lowest-number tiers. The links on these respected domains seem to be good to hit with link pyramids or whatever  you choose.

    I am also getting back into GSA and SEO after a bit of being busy with other stuff. It's great being back, just wish I had more time right now. :|

    It's basically the same now as it was then.  You need a solver for ReCaptcha 2 and 3. There's also solvers for H Captcha.

    OFC, good content at lowest-numbered tier. Handwritten, if good. AI is good, tho remember the CHAT GPT is just a giant spinner, anyway! Ideally suited for this purpose, def def for higher-numbered tiers.  For lower, be careful bc it may be a bit limited depending on how you use it.

    Sven has enhanced GSA Content Generator in the last few years. That also is great for higher-numbered tiers, tho I have yet to properly implement this myself. :| I will get to it. Just may be  a bit of time. You could even use it for lower tiers, as there are a lot of editing options, too.

    Anyone who can help, please do. I also need help with this. I am far from my learning goals, but I'm still trying.
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  • DoctorDoctor Europe
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    Thanks @Deeeeeeee! Hoping for people sharing more advise because I don't want to go with trial and error learning.
  • DoctorDoctor Europe
    edited April 5
    Answer from @Carolinemontes disappeared...
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