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Back after many years. Someone can give me a head start please?

DoctorDoctor Europe
edited April 2023 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hello everyone, have been using GSA Ranker many years ago.

Can someone give me advise, if the tool can be used for high quality campaigns?

I wonder if there are certain important settings to make campaigns high quality rather than going for mass quantity.

If you have up-to-date experience, please let me know. Thank you!


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited April 2023
    This is what I should do. I am using old tactics. :|

    People say try to hit lists with high DA metrics, or use GSA SER to filter these as well for lowest-number tiers. The links on these respected domains seem to be good to hit with link pyramids or whatever  you choose.

    I am also getting back into GSA and SEO after a bit of being busy with other stuff. It's great being back, just wish I had more time right now. :|

    It's basically the same now as it was then.  You need a solver for ReCaptcha 2 and 3. There's also solvers for H Captcha.

    OFC, good content at lowest-numbered tier. Handwritten, if good. AI is good, tho remember the CHAT GPT is just a giant spinner, anyway! Ideally suited for this purpose, def def for higher-numbered tiers.  For lower, be careful bc it may be a bit limited depending on how you use it.

    Sven has enhanced GSA Content Generator in the last few years. That also is great for higher-numbered tiers, tho I have yet to properly implement this myself. :| I will get to it. Just may be  a bit of time. You could even use it for lower tiers, as there are a lot of editing options, too.

    Anyone who can help, please do. I also need help with this. I am far from my learning goals, but I'm still trying.
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  • DoctorDoctor Europe
    edited April 2023
    Thanks @Deeeeeeee! Hoping for people sharing more advise because I don't want to go with trial and error learning.
  • DoctorDoctor Europe
    edited April 2023
    Answer from @Carolinemontes disappeared...
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