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"Use SWIFT Back connect API" - scammers proxy

Hi all.

When I clicked on the button - "Use SWIFT Back connect API"  - I was thrown to the address - ->

I bought proxies yesterday, which are advised by the GSA SER developers.

Before buying, they offered a 20 million pool of IP addresses and a random change of IP addresses.
After buying and analyzing this was not.

For 12 hours via API, I received the same IP address.
I asked the seller for a list of IP addresses, and they are almost all dead.

I do not advise buying through "Use SWIFT Back connect API".

Whether it will be possible to return $ 100 I do not know.
For $100, I could get a lot more proxies than the service offers.

After 12 hours, the same IP address: - CONTABO USA - 04/02/2023 - 0:13 - CONTABO USA - 04/02/2023 - 11:52



  • Fraudster's wallet TRC-20 :  TEqfYfLu64wD8JKJy11vD83ayHPdgrL3sS

    Fraudster contacts
    Email : | Tel.(WhatsApp): +1 803-567-5371 Skype/Telegram: dynamiczone360
  • sevapisevapi
    Hi everyone and our esteemed customers, 

    I want everyone who come across this post to dismiss this FALSE  claim. We have been a reputable GSA proxy partner for many years and we allow potential GSA customers to test the proxy prior to signup. 

    Yes, our proxy works great but when you signed up, our gateway had some internal bug to authenticate the switcher for your account. I remember, I explained that it was temporary and it was resolved as soon as we fixed the bug.

    This is another case of a user who is in haste and never bothered to listen to support or understand how the proxy works. Do not go about making false claims as I could report you to this forum administrators. 

    Swift Backconnect Proxy is still one of the best affordable unlimited bandwidth rotating residential proxy you can find anywhere!. Don't take my words for it, request for the free test using our contact details. 

  • The link opens a broken page for me. I wanted to give it a try

  • I never returned $100, the seller blocked me in the telegram.

    he says there is no return in their policy... he is lying in everything he says.

    After a conflict with me, they just redid their policy...

    The link opens a broken page for me. I wanted to give it a try

    If you have nowhere to put money, it is better to spend it on charity, otherwise you will lose it.
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