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problem: GSA SER mix up projects

verdemuschioverdemuschio Italy
edited March 2023 in Need Help
HI. I need help. I have created more than one project in SER. Each project corresponds to a different site. Why does GSA SER confuse projects when it publishes articles or texts on blogs and forums? To understand this better, SER takes for example the URL of project 1 ( which has the anchors (air tickets) and (flights) and inserts the anchor text of project 2 ( which has the anchors ( cotton t-shirts) and (candy) that have nothing to do with project 1 URL, creating articles with URLs ( and anchor (cotton t-shirts) and (candy).
He often makes this mistake
Thanks for your help.


  • SvenSven
    Impossible unless you duplicated a project and forgot to clear the URL box.
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  • Let me check
  • I don't know, I actually duplicated the project but I checked and found no errors, or is there something I'm missing. At this point I should delete the project and create from scratch.
  • SvenSven
    edit the project and click on EDIT next to the URL field. There you can choose "Edit All". Make sure the URLs you see there belong to the project.
  • Thank you Sven
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