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keywords in GSA Search Engine Ranker project

Hi everyone.
One question: in GSA Search Engine Ranker how many keywords should be entered at most? I entered almost 5000 keywords. Are they too many? And also for the anchors the same speech? Thanks for your help


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    In GSA Search Engine Ranker projects, it's essential to understand the role of keywords and anchor text in your SEO strategy.

    Keywords play a limited role in GSA Search Engine Ranker projects, primarily when utilizing the scraping feature and choosing to use keywords to locate target sites. Therefore, having a single keyword or 5,000 keywords would yield similar results in terms of their impact on your project.

    Contrastingly, anchor text is a vital component of your search engine optimization efforts, as it forms the basis for creating backlinks, particularly contextual backlinks. To optimize your GSA Search Engine Ranker project, I would recommend adopting the following approach:

    1. Maintaining a more focused selection of primary anchor text for your top-tier campaigns. These should consist of the main keywords you aim to rank for and be limited to a few carefully chosen phrases.

    2. In lower-tier campaigns, you can incorporate a broader range of longtail anchor text, allowing for a more diverse backlink profile.

    Remember that GSA Search Engine Ranker randomly selects an anchor text whenever it creates a backlink. By following this structured approach, you can ensure your project is more effective in achieving its desired ranking results.

  • HI,
    you were amazing. Now everything is clearer to me. Thank you very much for your kind availability. It is very important to know this fundamental step, because in fact I was wrong to think that the more anchor text in the main project, the better results I would have. Thanks again.
    Good job and see you soon
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