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shift in the GSA SER List providers?

Hi Guys,

2 list providers i'm working with for i while are producing < 1000 targets in the past few days.

I don't want to tell who until they will reply my support questions.

what list are you recommending, mostly for article, forum, social and such?



  • Premium list sellers have evolved to filter out junk and offer higher quality links. For instance, websites like provide high-quality links, although in smaller quantities compared to the past. The focus is now on quality rather than quantity, and fewer but high-quality links are considered more effective. For example, using GSA blasts alone can raise concerns about quality and quantity. Ser verified lists are also great and offer broad links. If you're looking for quantity, consider using broader services such as serpowerlists. For lower tiers, Looplines' autoapprove list is also a good option. However, it's essential to use premium services for better results. I was able to increase my e-commerce site's Ahrefs domain value boost by 8 points using only GSA with premium links.

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