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Auto thread settings


Would be a nice touch to auto set the number of threds based on the number of proxies.
If auto proxy collecting is switched on sometime I see I have 400-500 proxies. Sometimes I just have 40-50
But the number of my threads is fixed.
It would be nice if on the threads count setting page I can set up a multiplyer and a checkbox to switch this option on.

How it should work?

For example I set the multiplyer to 10 and I have 40 proxies the program sets the threads number to 400.
Maybe a max thread number input would be great too.

In this way I can just leaave the program there and if it collects more proxies it will automatically adjust the number of threads to it.

What do you think?


  • SvenSven
    That is not making much sense. You usually can not use many threads based on proxies...your network line is the limit here.
  • But if my network is capable to handle many connections and when I start the project I just have 20 proxies I can't set it straight to 800 threads because I will burn down my proxies. But later when GSA scraped more proxies it can adjust the number of threads compared to it.

    Or am I missunderstand something?
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