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Out of memory error 10 million contacts

I loaded 10 million contact websites in GSA website contact and it reaches about 3.70 GB after starting the application and highlighting the project.  I am using VPS with 8 GB RAM. 
The application shows out of memory if the number of threads are increased or any other project is started.
I am limited to run only one project now since the list of the websites is large and it throws out of memory error.
Is it possible to set the memory limit before starting the application so that out of memory issues can be avoided for these scenarios. 
Could you please provide an updated version if possible to manually set the memory limit instead of using default memory limit in the application. 

Thank you


  • The software is a 32 bit application, so will only have access to ~3GB RAM max. You'll have to add your data in chunks.
  • Thank you for the response and information. I already did that and is working fine now. 
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