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Slow after 100k links

Hi all,

Can anyone help me or have suggestions..

After creating 1000k links GSA Search Engine Ranker slows down dramatically!
This happens with all my projects I create.



  • JayJayJayJayJayJay Malaysia
  • verdemuschioverdemuschio Italy
    edited June 2023
    It does it to me too with much less than 100K links. I thought it was just my problem. Evidently the possible number of links has already been created, so no more can be created. At least I think that's the reason. Or perhaps as Sven once told me, the problem is finding good proxies. Maybe it's the proxies slowing everything down.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    What messages are you seeing in the log?

    If your site list has finished running, then the software has no more targets to place links on. In which case you need to reset the projects and run them again. It won't run continuously forever on it's own.
  • Probably not enough memory. After all, GSA is 32 bit
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