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Move to group no longer working?

googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
When I right click on modify project and try clicking on 'move to group' to sort that project into an existing group or create a new one...nothing is popping up. 

Was working fine just recently...not sure what changed


  • SvenSven
    it's probably a tier project...that cannot move the group as it is bound to the main project.
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    I just double checked to make sure...and tried with existing projects...including some that do not have any additional tiers attached...

    and also tried on brand new created projects with no tiers and not a part of any other project or group

    same issue...not getting the usual menu of groups to move to
  • SvenSven
    tried this on my end without issues. All I can offer here is to login to your system and check/debug.
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