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campagins have stopped with this error

Hi Guys, been using GSA for a year or so now but recently 3 of my campaigns have stopped with the following error. 

22:46:14: [-] 2/0 registration failed (ðš ñð¾ð¶ð°ð»ðµð½ð¸ñž, ð’ñ‹ ð½ðµ ð¼ð¾ð¶ðµñ‚ðµ ð·ð°ñ€ðµð³ð¸ññ‚ñ€ð¸ñ€ð¾ð²ð°ñ‚ñœññ ð½ð° ð½ð°ñˆðµð¼ ñð°ð¹ñ‚ðµ, ð¿ð¾ñ‚ð¾ð¼ñƒ ñ‡ñ‚ð¾ ð±ñ‹ð»ð¾ ð·ð°ñ„ð¸ðºñð¸ñ€ð¾ð²ð°ð½ð¾) - - L:MacRiver226

would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? tried recreating the campaigns I still receive the same error. 


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