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Feature Missed or Removed


i think i had seen it earlier can we get it back ?


Selecting captcha solver : I think there was an option to limit x max amount of threads to Solver 1 & Solver 2 independently.

I don't know if i had seen it on gsa search engine ranker but i am sure it was some gsa software.

As i see now there is no max limit to sent to captca solver (max x limit) so can we put that into action ?

Use case: multiple Recaptcha solvers to limit max limit on each.



  • SvenSven
    You can edit the options of a service and define the "thread limit".
  • entnepalentnepal Nepal
    edited February 2023
    It's not available for Xevil that's why i am posting here

  • SvenSven
    Ahh thats true. Thats part of the ini file defining that service. You have to manually edit that file and restart as it's a recommended setting by xevil.

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