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Facing lots of error and have a complaint about GSA

I have a complaint for GSA tool

i am facing lots of error in my GSA 

biggest errors are whenever i start a project(I use public proxies)
1. Almost 60% website gets error named download faild (no content) what does that mean?
2. My thread count stays at 0
3. whenever i send messges only 5% to 6% successed and around 95% fail (ex. 409019failed and 10850 sent)
4. scraping speed ia very low



  • The Same 
    But With 50 Private Proxies help to fix this friends
  • hehehehe United States
    yeah please help us
  • SvenSven
    I don't know what your proxy setup looked like in detail, but most of the issues might come from bad proxies. Remember that public proxies are often down and unstable.
    Also make sure you use other search engines than just google with public proxies as google will most likely ban them all.
    Whats the captcha setup like? Many sites unfortunately need a captcha to be solved so adding service will greatly improve results.
  • hehehehe United States
    I don't have captcha setup. But what is download failed no content please tell me
  • SvenSven
    Thats most likely a none working proxy where no data was delivered.
    Thanked by 1hehe
  • hehehehe United States
    Now my GSA is having one more problem and that is no website scraping
  • SvenSven
    Show log lines please.
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