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How to setup a test project to import and test/retest my existing verified lists and new scrapes?

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When I right click on a project, there is an option to 'import target urls'.

I imported a ton of urls from various bought and scraped verified lists, as well as a mix of older lists to test.

I just wanted to run a new test only on the lists that i imported specifically.

So I unchecked all search engines, and unchecked the 'use urls from global site lists if enabled' box.

And I have all engines checked except for doc sharing, pingback, and rss.

And I have all the 'type of backlinks to create' boxes checked in the project options.

Let it run overnight but as soon as I checked it again its telling me there are 'no more target urls' in the important message alert. 

But I imported well over 1 Million urls...and when I right click on the test project and make it show remaining target urls there is still well over 1 million of them that show up there.

When I have the project open and then click 'ok' to save any changes it gives me that pop up 'no search engine was chosen this will not generate new backlinks (unless you import target sites on your own) and only verify links. continue anyway?

But I did import all those target urls on my own, unless i did that wrong?

What am I mistaking here as far as how to setup and use a particular project to test submissions/verifications of my lists?

Do I need to import my lists into the global settings advanced area...the tools button 'import urls, identify platform and sort in'. and then go to the settings in my test project and check the box to use global site list with just the identified list checked?

If so, what is the former option for of importing urls to the project directly?



  • SvenSven
    That notice you get of no target urls left is simply a note when for a longer time no submission was done. If it's still submitting now, then all is fine!
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