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RedirectPro generates only 4 shortened links per URL !!

I have some filters in place, but I assume there should be much much more links per my URL.

Attaching a screenshot with my filters

My question is why am I getting only about 4 links ??

My link type filter contains only 3 link types: 300, 301 and META redirect

Please help 


  • SvenSven
    Your PR2 filter is also active and might get you even less
  • @Sven
    You say that from the 4700 sites I have filtered there are only 4 which are PR2 and up ?

    No, that doesn't make sense.

    You put in your famous statistics post the following:
    PR0:  207
    PR1: 389
    PR2: 3909
    PR3: 9860
    PR4: 8542
    PR5: 2336
    PR6: 371 So most of the links are PR2 and up. I think i am doing the same filters as you do, no ? Can you check with your computer and same settings, do you get more than 4 links ?
  • SvenSven
    You also need to enable link type "link in url".
  • Thanks @Sven

    Putting "Link in URL" did the trick.

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