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very few backlinks

I launched 4 campaigns, the best companion got 3 sybmit and only 1 verified (no filter in this campaign), the other two only 1 submit.
I use private proxies
I use GSA CAPTCHA BREAKER and other paid captcha service
i use this list
my email addresses are working
there is something wrong, I don't think the software does that backlink name


  • SvenSven
    please show some log lines (use if possible).
  • edited February 2023
    merci pour votre aide

    Merci pour votre aide
  • SvenSven
    Seems like you use a lot of filters like language=fr ...I guess thats the main reason why there are so less submissions.
  • @Sven I removed the language filter.
    I continue to have an lpm of 0.02
    do you know why continue to post in search engines even if they are all unchecked
    I bought mailing lists and he should link to those lists.
    two professionals from GSA looked at it and did not understand why
    that's why come back to you

  • SvenSven
    I would need to see details to tell whats wrong with it. Any chance to login and check myself?
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