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Confusion about Captchas

edited January 2023 in GSA Website Contact
Not sure what works and what doesn't with GSA Website Contact, but having trouble with captchas on Shopify sites.
I'm using Storm backconnect proxies and just bought a cheapcaptcha package that's supposed to solve Recaptcha v3.

But nothing is working: I'm now getting a 403 error when I check the captcha balance with the Cheapcaptcha service.

FTAOD: am I supposed to set up the hosts file when I add a captcha service with GSA WC, or not? I tried this, and added  DeathbyCaptcha as instructed in the Captcha settings, but still getting 403 error.

I understand this is probably a question for the cheapcaptcha, but although I managed to get Xevil demo software working,  I'm pretty clueless when it comes to integrating the online captcha service.

Any help appreciated - thank you.


  • SvenSven
    can you share your API in private message? I will debug it and see what might be wrong.
  • DomGentileDomGentile United States
    I use GSA captcha breaker and XEvil together. They are pretty easy to configure. Xevil requires proxies. I use cold proxy ipv6. 
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