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Speed not transferred from Proxy Scraper

Is there some reason why Proxy Scraper does not seem to transfer the speed information into GSA SER?
Seems like there are only a few that show this information.

Looking to somehow only set GSA Proxy Scraper to transfer proxies that are a certain speed or above.
Is this where it is done in Proxy Scraper that only transfers speed-rated proxies to GSA SER?
Or maybe that setting is for the internal proxy server only


  • SvenSven
    I will add it for next update
    Thanked by 1Ritchievalens
  • rastarrrastarr Thailand
    Sven said:
    I will add it for next update
    Is there also a better testing scheme in GSA PS? I'm currently only testing against to get as close to GSA SER as I can.
    However, once GSA SER starts submitting, proxies start falling off, presumably for a number of reasons.
    Is there a way to do a GSA SER emulation test/s within GSA PS prior to transferring them to GSA SER?

    Thanked by 1Ritchievalens
  • SvenSven
    IF you choose any Anonymous Test only, it will suit the needs. However, SER is deactivating proxies for various reasons and also can disable them by mistake. I would not count that much on it.
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