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Not able to solve similar Contact Form

Example link: https://www.npdodge. com/contact_us/

I manully troubleshoot multiple url getting same issue and i figured out this can be solved by DEV.

After i fill up the form and click on Contact us, then they appear Google Recaptcha. I clicked and solved, then it automatically took the message giving me a Thank you for contacting us message.

But gsa gives this message: Captcha Error: No captcha service present to solve.

Can u please fix these types.


  • entnepalentnepal Nepal
    edited January 2023
    Another type:

    GSA Error message: Ready failed (no Contact-Form found)

    example site:

    I see they have contact form.
  • SvenSven
    What did you configure as captcha solver?
  • SvenSven << working for me. Maybe you have problems with proxies?
  • Xevil is set to solve captcha + recaptcha
  • SvenSven
    OK, so it should recognise that one of your services is able to solve recaptcha and not give that strange error message.
    Can you send the project backup?
  • I will check and let u know, as i forgot which project it was..
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