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SERIOUS BUGS Discovered RE: Msgs NOT Sent in GSA Website Contact I think

kjkjkjkj US
edited January 2023 in GSA Website Contact
Issue #1
I noticed many people complaining that their GSA Website Contact shows many sent messages meanwhile they received very low returns.

Issue #2
Also, I noticed GSA Website Contact isn't sending the maximum threads to XEvil, XEvil only receives about 30-45 threads even when I have the threads set to 300 or 500 on GSA and also XEvil!.

My PC has a 32 core CPU, 256GB RAM and a 3 Gigabit Fibre connection! So there is no reason or excuse for that to not work properly on my end, I contacted XEvil support and I also looked it into it myself and its really the issue with GSA Website Contact, GSA SER has no problem sending maximum threads but GSA Website Contact has the issue.

Issue #2 is affected also by issue #1.

Here is what I think is really happening!

GSA Website Contact reports X amount of messages sent, meanwhile it’s not true, not all these messages are actually getting sent even though it showed that! And this is why it’s been affecting everyone.

I’ve used GSA Website Contact for many years and this was NOT an issue before, not sure exactly when this issue started but it’s sometime after 2019 or 2020 when a software update was released it affected all that, I can’t remember exactly when.

And this is the main reason why I suggested to have a feature added to the software called DeBug, where the users would be able to see exactly what’s happening in real-time in the background so we can see if the message is being submitted correctly or not, it will also help us report any issues with the software so that the bugs would be fixed, because if we can’t see exactly what’s happening then you may never know what’s really happening!

Let me know what you all think.

I hope this helps!



  • i think you are right, i have also seen plenty of links which were successfully sent earlier and droping numbers by thousands immediately on next couple of submissions. So may be..
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