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New to GSA SER - Looking for Advice

Hi, I was just digging around in my setup folder earlier today and I realised that when I bought GSA Website back in 2019, I also bought GSA SER & GSA Content Generator.

I have only really used Website Contact, but would like to start using GSA SER and have a few questions:

1. I saw this comment on YouTube, can anyone advise me how to set up GSA SER to exclusively post high quality articles?

2. It looks like there is a way to use GSA Content Generator with an AI APi Key, and have it pull in AI generated content to feed to GSA SER:

Sven said:
It's using which is a proxy for openai

How do I set this up? (I don't see Inferkit as an option under External APIs in settings)

3. I have both Hrefer & Scrapebox, what footprints should I target to get high success rate for HQ Tier 1 links?
(I realize I will have to manually filter the lists)

4. I'm pretty sure the reason I did not use GSA SER right away when I bought it was that it needed a load of email addresses. What are my options here and how many would I need?

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