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Proxeidon – Mobile 4g/5g and Residential Proxies.

Our proxies are REAL mobile devices intended for social media, google campaigns, seo., etc... Anything you need for your campaigns and online anonimiry is here!
With PROXEIDON you can purchase proxies by PLAN, TRAFFIC or 1 by 1

Prices: AS LOW AS 1.4$ per 1 PROXY / 24H

• Advanced user friendly dashboard
- After you signup for one of our services you can manage your proxies with ease using our user friendly dashboard.
- Top-up your balance.
- Access and renew your plans.
- Export list of proxy in desired formats.
- Get proxy geo data and device information.
• Connection
- Unlimited connections and threads.
• IP Pool
- 10M+ rotating IPs.
• Locations
- Over 195 countries.
• Setup
- Easy proxy setup https/socks5.
• Real devices
- Residential and real mobile 4g/5g devices IPs.
• Support
- 24/7 support and telegram community. Contact us via SITE, TELEGRAM, DISCORD, SKYPE, SIGNAL, ICQ, JABBER
• Speed
- < 1/5s average response time.
• Statistics
- Live traffic usage statistics in dashboard.

Shared mobile proxies
Our 4G proxy IP pool is large enough to accommodate any business. With so many IP addresses, the odds that you will be sharing the proxy with many are slim, allowing you to take full advantage of each server.

IPs lasting up to 30 min.
Each IP address’ session length can be customized. You can choose between fast rotation, which changes the IP address after each request.

Compatible with any automation tool
Access our proxies through a domain: port: user: password format and integrate them with any bot/automation tool of your choice.

Unique IP addresses
Forget about having to share IP addresses and deal with blacklists. Our 10M+ pool of residential IP addresses will be able to fuel the needs of any business venture.

Unlimited proxy locations
Our entire proxy server pool is composed of IPs from all over the world. You can choose from over 190 locations with country/city/state targeting

Real residential IPs
All of our residential proxies are from a legitimate source (e.g. desktop devices) and are based in a real, physical location. Access content you want at all times with a low block rate.


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