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Already got GSA SER but want to get a VPS server for GSA to run in: Did I already screw up?


My first post ever in this forum and probably more to come because I'm a noob. So I apologize in advance for posting very cringey questions. 

I hope there is someone out here who can answer this question and it's probably a real dumb one:

I already purchased the GSA SER with license. It's already installed in my laptop. But I want to get a VPS server and would like to have GSA SER run in the VPS server. 

Some of the videos I watched about setting up VPS & GSA went in the order of: 
1) Get VPS Server first
2) Install GSA SER within the VPS server by opening up internet explorer. 

I did step 2 and not 1 yet. 

I read somewhere in this forum with someone replying with:

"You'll see Windows server running inside a Window on your desktop which you can install all the software on. You can open internet explorer inside your VPS and go to the GSA homepage to download the demo version of the software, then enter your license to unlock the full version. You can also copy/paste files from your home PC desktop into the VPS window or setup a dropbox between your home PC and the VPS."

That reply was posted in 2018... and I THINK this response is in relation to my question. And hoping to get a direct answer to my question because I'm a noob, have no experience in SEO or anything technical lol 

Thank you



  • SvenSven
    There is no problem at all. Just install the software on the VPS and even register it there with the same license you have. Just make sure to NEVER run the license on two or more systems at the same time.
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