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Buying feedback for new buyers (AVOID 2CHECKOUT PAYMENT GATEWAY)

Hi guys,
If you are thinking of buying a product from GSA, please avoid the 2CHECKOUT PAYMENT GATEWAY option and choose another payment method. I've tried to buy GSA Website Contact on January 13th with my VISA credit card and the transaction is still uncomplete. Money is sent from my bank and 2checkout refuses the claim, they say that they haven't received the money but they say this without asking me the confirmation & reference number that I've got from my bank which is required to check the situation. Customer service is terrible. Their agent is unsure and hesitant when she replies to my questions. Only thing she says is that I have to send an e-mail and which they will reply within 24 hours while I didn't get one for my previous e-mail that I've sent 4 days ago!
Stay away from 2CHECKOUT PAYMENT GATEWAY - use another payment method.
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