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Option to duplicate domains is buggy

edited January 17 in GSA Platform Identifier
Hello @Sven ,
There is an issue with the option to remove duplicate domains. when I create a project to deduplicate urls by domain, it leaves a lot of duplicate. When I realized this, I started doing it manually with another software, platform by platform. Once halfway there, I remembered that I could do it with SER which then again removed over 6000 duplicates (folder with each platform in a separate file).

It's a big problem.

There are others. We cannot grow a database. Once the project is finished, if I give it another file to analyze and the same folder where to write the identified platforms, it starts from scratch. They are not cumulative.

The stats should also be updated, whether after deduplicating, or if I continue a completed project with other targets.

Optimally, I should be able to start a new project, give it a directory (filled with already identified platform files from another project), and have it regenerate the stats. Then I launch the project which adds the new entries. Deduplication, updating of stats.

It would also be necessary to be able to generate the stats in alphabetical order of the platforms or by the number of platforms identified (export of the stats).


  • KaineKaine
    edited January 18
    Ability to merge files from two folders.
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