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Multiple projects

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I am running 2 different projects and I have found that when I run both simultaneously they both grind to a halt or at least are extremely slow.

Is this normal or am I missing something.

My thoughst would be that I have a bottle neck somewhere on my system. My Laptop is blistering and very high spec but my bandwidth isnt that gr8. 

Its just strange that if one project runs at a time its super quick but running both they are slower than 50%.

Many Thanks for any help.

ps Sorry forgot to say I have 30 private proxies.


  • SvenSven
    All project share there resources (max threads, captcha setup and so on). So if you run one project or two would not make any difference. The network usage should be almost the same unless one project uses a lot of threads and not doing much with it.
  • edited January 2023
    Thanks sven. Iv noticed that the check/send thread count is the issues it always hovers between 1 and 40 while the other is up at like 500?

    So I think iv figured this out. If your keywords are low quality then your will have a fewer websites to contact. I noticed my CSV file had corrupted some of my keywords and had added extra special characters into them. Once I fixed that the Send/Recieve coloum was always between 80 and 200. 
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