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Is it me or GSA SER is building links in a funny pattern?

For the last few days it seems like only GNUboard links are being created. 

So deepen my analysis I did a little back analysis of a certain GSA SER user and I also noticed that in the last few days all their indexed links have been in KOREAN and USING the GNUboard...

anyone else know what's up or im just too high on W(work) lol


  • Do you use any list? Which one?
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    GNU board is probably the biggest source of backlinks for me, but the other platforms still work well. It just depends on which sites you have in your site list. Best to scrape and keep growing your own site list.

    Article platforms, you have buddypress, wordpress article, wpforo, bbpress, osclass, classipress still have a lot of working sites - perhaps in the hundreds though and not in the thousands like gnuboard. If your site list is majority gnuboard, it will look like the software is only making gnuboard, but it still works very well with other platforms.

    Forums, there are smf, discuz, mybb, punbb, fluxbb - these work well for me and i've found a few hundred sites across these platforms alone.
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