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question on continued links built after the 'no more targets to post to' message pops up

I have a project that only has the indexer engine checked, and set to just use my verified global site search engines or anything else to use as a link source as far as i can tell.

I get that red triangle with the exclamation point in it that says 'no more targets to post to' which is expected....i exported my verified list of links...

But then I'll watch the log keep going and say 'loaded 3/50 urls from site lists'...and 'already successful'...and 2/3 link placed....

Whats going on here? Why is it still finding new sites to pull and build links on after the 'no more targets to post to' message came up?

It keeps adding verified links to the total number for that project.


  • SvenSven
    That warning message is coming up when SER didn't find anything new to post to for a certain time. It does not mean it can not find new targets at all. Especially with site lists it does not know when they are all ones are added and due to the nature that a random amount is read from the lists at a random position, it can not know if all has been parsed.
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