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How to handle Spam/Bans when sending GSA website contact

I've used website contact in the past but never ran into this issue.

I Bought proxies from MPP - sent 100k messages, the proxies got banned and I got a message from MPP saying I'm getting a lot of spam complaints. They gave me a new set of proxies but before I start sending again and get banned again (Next time is permanent they say)  I was wondering how yall are dealing with spam/bans.

Is it because I don't have an unsubscribe link?  If I add an unsub link will I no longer get warnings from MPP?

for some context on the copy its along the lines of: 


If I could show you how to get an x amount of customers without any extra effort from you or your staff, would you be interested in learning more"

Any advice would be appreciated as I've got about 7 mil URLs to send to and getting banned after 100k submissions has me thinking  "well, I'm doing something wrong and I need to find a fix if I intend to send to the rest of my URLs"

And I frequently change the email address that I use to collect responses(no Gmail bans yet so that's a win)


  • What is MPP?
  • romingson said:
    What is MPP?
    My private proxy 
  • looplineloopline
    I replied your pm.
  • Hi, I have the same issue, I used to be able to send a lot with GSA Website contact and my msgs used to go through fine but lately I’ve started seeing my messages aren’t going through much like before, not sure what happened.. did something happen recently which started in 2021 or 2022 that affected everyone? Or if it’s the message that’s getting filtered or is it the proxy IPs?

    any suggestions?

  • Cyngoi74Cyngoi74 Singapore
    Where can we buy the domains or URLs?
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