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GalaxyProxy | High Quality residential IPv4 proxies | Rotating pool

At this moment we have best quality Residential IPv4 proxies, Those proxies are 100% residential from home IP addresses. Our pool does have at this moment 2000+ unique IP addresses what will increase daily!

With this service you get access to all those ip addresses via our rotating proxy pool.

Our proxies work well with:
  • online games;
  • social networks;
  • web scraping;
  • sneaker websites;
  • online marketplaces;
  • crypto;
  • and other purposes.
You can connect to our proxy pool by SOCKS5 or HTTP/HTTPS, You get access with username:password protected connection. With our proxy server it is possible to use sticky ip.

The price per GB is $0.50, This price is for an short period!


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