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Regarding scraping of public domain images


I want to scrape high resolution images from public domain sites. This should be perfectly legal and lot of fun, but I got one problem. I am not sure how to scrape for example every page within one category. Often there will be a site like this: 

"Category such and such"

lots of images

<---1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9..............234 --->

How do I set it up to scrape all those sites and make sure that it pulls out the image and not the thumbnail (preferably even the highest resolution version of that image as they often have more than one version due to download preferences)

Thanks for your attention

All the best

Mr. Badger


  • SvenSven
    You have settings to filter images by size or width/height. Thats where you can filter out the thumbnails. 
    You have also settings to define that an URL must have a certain word or path in it. Thats where you can skip parsing and downloading images.
    Then you choose ADD->Parse URL and then it should get you all the images you want. If you have further questions, send me the URL and I have a look.
  • Hi, I would really like to see an example of how you would set it up. Could you send me a snapshot?

    The URL I want (and I want the highest possible resolution) is:

    I hope you can teach me how so I can utilize this great tool in the best possible way. 

    All the best
    Mr. Badger
  • one more thing. I want to set it to only parse images with a minimum of 3873x4814 pixels
  • SvenSven
    Latest Update lets you parse this site via keywords.

    However, when doing it next time manually, you need to enter the URL like:
    Levels to parse set to 1
    Set min/max resolution in settings

  • Hi, the image spider is not responding anymore. Is there a way to reset all the settings to default?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry no, but we better try to solve the issue if there is one.
    Can you still click buttons in GUI or is it frozen? If not, click HELP->Create bugreport.

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