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Issue for Scheduled posting

@Sven I usually use GSA to manage my PBN. However, I want to create a scheduled posting with a 350 PBN domain. On a 25-day cycle, one article will be published on each PBN website. How do I go about doing it? Nothing in the Schedule section makes sense to me. I've included an image below. Could you please explain how I set it up?


  • SvenSven
    1. You would enable the scheduled posting of course.
    2. Enter 1440 minutes (24 hours or 1 day) on the "time to wait between posts"
    3. Enter a very high number (or as big as max posts per site) on "posts per account"
    4. On the "accounts per site" you leave it to 1 as you will import accounts I guess
    5. In article manager you will also need to enable the option to not post duplicates (last option on that form)
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