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What other software can i purchase for run the backlink building in 2023?

Hi, guys

I purchased the GSA search engine ranker, GSA indexer pro, GSA proxiy scraper already, if i want to run better, What i need to order others?  Thank you very much!


  • Hi Mate,
    I order link building, you have to build Tier 1, 2 and 3. 
    Tier 1: i use RankerX, and you will need: Good Articles, Proxy IPv4, XEvil for Captcha. and good Emails
    Tier 2 and 3, I use GSA, you will need: Articles (GSA content, or KontentMachine is ok for tier 2 and 3) Proxy, GSA CB. and XEvil, emails
    Thats all. and good luck
  • You can get gsa platform identifier to build your own site list.  Also i recommend xevil to use with gsa. 
  • @iamsrilankan
    I would like to know if to use the xevil in gsa, it is only necessary to buy this or it is also necessary to buy XRumer
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