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Need help figuring out how to submit re-captcha in register step

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Hello friends. Happy New Year!

I am working on coding some web 2.0 and ran in to issue. In debug mode the registration step fails to submit the captcha. Coding manual mentions re-captcha site key. I looked in the code and did not see any mention of this site key. I looked in dev tools and saw the web 2.0 site loads captcha.js
The content of that JS file has lots of text such as
var _0x57eb=["\x72\x61\x6E\x64\x6F\x6D","\x66\x6C\x6F\x6F\x72","\x3C\x64\x69\x76
Where do I get that site key and how do  I make SER process that re-captcha?

P.S. In source code there is a hidden field that I thought could be a key but it appears to be part of the cookie.

<div class="" id="captcha_div" style="">
        <div id="captcha_window"></div>
        <div class="hide_if_succesfuly" style="height:75px; clear:both"></div>
                    <input name="sent" value="1" type="hidden">
                    <input type="hidden" value="394415304a77f739c7da11f6b7a3792b" name="sn_field">
                <div class="form-submit-classic">
                    <button type="submit" name="signup" value="1">Register & Create</button>



  • SvenSven
    If SER can't detect the recaptcha itself, you need to add it manually using...
    recaptcha sitekey=<fixed key per site>
    recaptcha action=<if recaptcha v3>
    recaptcha varname=g-recaptcha-response

    If the script is for many sites, you need to extract the site key via a script variable like "recaptcha sitekey=%extract_key%" and use...

  • edited January 3
    @Sven , thank you for reply.

    Where is this key usually located?
    I looked at document source and at the requests via chrome browser dev tools and I found the site loading captcha.js but I have no idea what format the site key should be. Is it a numerical value or does it have special symbols? How long is that key?
    I tried to set sitekey as the path to that JS but registrations still fails. Do you have any ideas where should I look for the key?
    Attaching content of the captcha js just in case. That is the only reference to captcha I can locate on that site

    Url of the site

  • SvenSven
    seems like the full captcha stuff is obscured in that file...if it's just for this site, use a the key you found via the browser sniffing. Else you are kind of lost here.
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