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Questions on Search Engine settings and proxy sources...

Hey all,
I'm dusting off Proxy Scraper and was wondering what settings are best to use for finding proxies via search engine, and are there more sources out there that can be loaded?

I'm a little slow, so I'm not quite sure how the search engine option works - are there better videos on that?

I'm also trying to limit the proxies to Amazon, Bing, Craigslist, eBay, Google, Facebook and Instagram so I can be effective with GSA Website Contact, but I'm ending up with only about 30 per session.

Is there a better way to get useable proxies?


  • Hi pfriedl - If you give me a day or so I will create a simple guide.
    I can very regularly get 30,000 and above proxies, and then I drum down with very strict filtering and get reliable long term proxies.

    With my Config I often just get USA Fast Google ones for example, to get around any Geo Locked sites
  • I will start a New Thread and Add to it if I get any feedback !!
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