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XEVIL solving not existing urls ?

I noticed something strange about xevil. The program solves captchas and you can see the url in xevil's list, but strangely enough I can't find the url on which the captcha was solved either in submitted or anywhere else in GSA Search Engine Ranker ? Can it be that xevil also solves captchas for other people and we don't even notice it? It would be great if someone check that.

I always extract the submitted and veryfied lists to check so ....

Thanks for your help !


  • SvenSven
    Thats hard to imaging really, but possible as well.
    Not every URL you submit to ends in submitted or verified. Sometimes SER tries to register, needs help from XEvil and still can't make it. Then the URL is nowhere visible except in logs.
  • i just bought it few days ago ant xevil works just fine i will now try 6.0 beta next that surely will improve you can also try that 
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